Friday, December 5, 2008

Man's temporality and God's eternality

This was originally posted by Ryan Wayson at "Striving Together for the Faith." I hope this is as good a reminder to you as it was to me. Thanks, Ryan!

As I meditated on the eternality of God last night it became apparent to me that the glories of a man's entire life are like a sparkler firework. Only able to bedazzle us in the dark and only for a short while, the sparkler will shine and then fizzle out, only to be discarded in the trash. Yet if we saw the sparkler in the daylight, it wouldn't demand our attention, nor stand out, quite the same. In the darkness of our present world, men can demand our attention for their own exaltation, and the sad part is, we give it to them! We praise them for their temporal achievements that are only able to be done by God's mercy in keeping them alive. How backwards! Yet, if we put these silly sparklers of men in the light of God's burning, abounding glory, we will be led to exalt the King of Glory, who is Jesus Christ.

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